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Michela Akers
Address: 4338 Buckingham Place, Duluth, GA 30096, USA
Phone: 770-232-7663
Email: galleries@michaelagalleries.com
Website: http://michaelagalleries.weebly.com

Tags: painter, oil, artist
This portrait was painted in oil on canvas and measures 36" by 50". Emilie was very regal and the portrait shows that.
Adult portrait

A portrait I painted of Pablo Picasso as he appeared to me at Villa Mariposa, in the South of France in 1959. The portrait is oil on canvas and measures 30" by 40".
Adult portrait

The painting of Savannah is oil on canvas and measures 20" by 24". Her personality is joyous.
Child portrait

The portrait of Julia is called Little Queen because of her authoritative look. It measures 14" by 18" and is oil on canvas.
Child portrait

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