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How it works
How does it work?
We list your portfolio and contact information in our directory where it could be found easily by people searching for a portrait artist.
How much does it cost?
If you sign up now (while we are in beta testing stage), you will receive a free Gold membership.
Do you have any sales fee?
No, we do not take any sales fee. Your portfolio and contact information are listed openly and are visible to any person visiting the website. You do not have to report to us about sales you make.
How does the "Contact" button located on my profile page work?
The "Contact" button is a convenient way for your prospective client(s) to send you a message or inquiry. The message will be forwarded to your e-mail address. The copy of that message will remain in your mail box on www.portraity.com. You can remove the message from there if you want.
How many images can I upload to my profile?
As many as you want if you have Gold or Platinum membership. If you have Basic membership, the limit is 8 images.
I have noticed that there is no image protection on the website. Why isn't the right-click disabled?
  • Any image that is displayed fully or partially on any website can be downloaded. Images are downloaded by the browser, and server has no way of telling who requested the download (the page or a malicious user).
  • Browsers have to store the images somewhere on a user's computer before displaying them. Finding that location is not difficult.
  • Watermarks can be removed. Just search for "remove watermarks" to find out how.
  • We could use flash or java applets on the page and encryption during the file transfer to make it harder to steal images, but it would not solve the problem anyway.
  • Disabling right-click will not work, because right click is only a convenient way to download images. There are other ways.
How do you protect our images?
Every time you upload an image, we re-size it (make it smaller) so that it looks good on the screen but not when printed. When it is done, the original high resolution file is removed from the server and therefore can not be stolen.

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