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Joshua Vegas (Brampton, ON, Canada)
Joshua Vegas (also known as "Nneka Atto") is a Toronto-based self-taught graphite pencil artist, with a minimalist flair. Art has always been one of Joshua's passions, and the artist has been drawing and doodling since childhood. After experimenting with various mediums, Joshua finds ease and comfort in using graphite pencil due to both its accessibility and versatility. The artist's work is largely influenced by minimalism, for--according to Joshua--"less is more." This statement also describes the artist's outlook on life, which is primarily based upon minimalist philosophy: once the exce...
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makrisioannis (Athens, Greece)
Drawn with passion to the absolute detail : shadowing ,focus-blur effect ,accessories ,clothes ,jewlery ,hair ,logos and everything you want in your portrait.Portraits could be a precious gift because its so personal.Friends ,family ,hollywood stars ,celebrities ,iconic faces ,historical figures ,people you admire.Every single one of the above categories can be made into a unique ,elegant and timeless portrait.
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Andrea Wilson (P?pa?aloa, HI, USA)
I live and work on the Big Island of Hawai'i, and have always loved drawing and painting. My favorite medium is pencil, because I feel that pencil can capture emotion like nothing else. I prefer unposed pictures, to better reflect the personality of the subject.
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Cory Picklo (Palm Harbor, FL, USA)
Postmodern Art of Smoking Volume I and II
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