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Tony Begolo (Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 1BU, UK)
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Rick Corbett (Woburn, MA, USA)
Rick Corbett (b. 1969) is an emerging artist who currently resides in Woburn, Massachusetts. He is inspired not only by other artists but from life itself. He is inspired by people, textures, smells, sounds, all of his senses seem to come alive when he draws. He often says that his drawings take him on an artistic journey of self discovery. That he feels his soul awaken when he draws. GOD has given him a gift and it’s a gift he hopes to use to bring people closer together. It’s a gift that he hopes to use to capture the beauty that’s in this World. He doesn't want his drawings to simp...
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Miro Gradinšćak (Vara?din, Hrvatska)
Self-taught artist from Croatia.
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