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Nanybel Salazar (Marietta, GA, USA)
Born Nancy Isabel Salazar in Caracas, Venezuela, Nanybel started painting with watercolors and oils at the age of five. Her grandmother was a gifted artist in her own right and provided the inspiration that started her on her way to drawing and painting. It was she who coined the nickname "Nanybel" (short for Nancy Isabel) and whose memory is honored in the signing of every portrait she creates. In 1996 Nanybel moved to the United States, where she opened an Art Gallery, received several commissioned portraits and won awards at fine art competitions. Nanybel moved to Abu Dhabi, Uni...
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Gary Regnier (Northampton, UK)
Pastel specialist Gary Regnier creating traditional portraits and pet and wildlife portraits. Gary prefers to work in a bold realistic style and loves to depict strong light and colour. Gary's interest in portraiture began over 40 years ago when watching street artists whilst on holiday and the magic of seeing something come to life from nothing is still as compelling now as it was then.
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Christine Belanger
Art has been a part of Christine's life since early childhood. The fascination with drawing the human face began in her late teens. After discovering soft pastels in a drawing class, she devoted herself to soft pastels and portraiture. Although self-taught in portraiture, she studied the Fine Arts program at Heritage College in Gatineau. Since 2002, Christine has been commissioned by Skate Canada to create portraits for Skate Canada Hall of Fame Inductees. Prominent portrait such as: Sandra Bezic Ann Shaw Wilf Langevin Bill Dowding Louis Stong Elvis Stojko Tracy Wilson and ...
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Olive (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Hello, I am a self-taught artist from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I specialized in charcoal and graphite portraiture and is experimenting with pastels, acrylics and watercolors. I accept commission requests for portraits of you or your loved ones. thanks
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George Rodriguez (Ventura, CA, USA)
The picturres you see are prints of original pictures done by the artist in these mediums: oil,or color pencil, or pastel, or charcooal, or pen and ink.I am available to do commissioned pictures done from photographs sent to me by email attachments or by regulat mail. Currently I am charging $330.oo for a single figure in a picture that measures 24 by 20 inches or less. i do not at this time work in oils, but primarily in the other mediums i mentioned. Although that could change and may add oils to my repertoire. I also charge more for pictures if they contain more thatn one person. For exa...
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Karen Barton (Buffalo, WY, USA)
Karen Barton is an award winning modern portrait artist with over thirty-seven years of professional experience as an artist and educator. Karen is the sole owner and operator of “Portrait Creations” which has received over $6,000 in grant money to assist in developing the business. Her portraits can be found hanging in private, public, and corporate collections nationwide. She has been commissioned to create portraits of executives as well as Senators. Karen focuses mainly on her own commissioned work and rarely enters competitions or seeks out gallery representation, but the events ...
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