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Gary Regnier (Northampton, UK)
Pastel specialist Gary Regnier creating traditional portraits and pet and wildlife portraits. Gary prefers to work in a bold realistic style and loves to depict strong light and colour. Gary's interest in portraiture began over 40 years ago when watching street artists whilst on holiday and the magic of seeing something come to life from nothing is still as compelling now as it was then.
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Sara Millett (San Diego, CA, USA)
My name is Sara Millett. I'm twenty-seven years old have been painting in one medium or another for twenty years. I originally worked in watercolor, but now my main medium is acrylic. I also do pencil drawing and the occassional odd media, such as pastel. To see more of my work, check out the gallery on my website http://www.saramakesart.com/gallery.html. If you wish to buy any available pieces shown, e-mail me at the address given on my profile. I'm also on the Autism Spectrum.
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Maxine Correya (Letchworth Garden City, UK)
I am a practising artist, illustrator and graphic designer. I also do some photography. I have been an art, graphics, media and photography teacher since 2002 but before that I was a designer in London. I have just discovered a love for oil painting and have recently completed a Bowie and Prince oil painting. I also work in acrylics and use texture but the textured pieces take quite a few months to complete which is why I turned to oil paints as I can work faster with these. Watercolours, inks and chalk pastels are another love of mine. I suppose I am quite a varied artist and am still ...
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